Founder Nicci Workum

Nicci's Smalls is owned and operated by Nicci Workum. The business came into being after Nicci decided to stop complaining and do something about all the frustrating and humiliating bra shopping experiences she'd had.

As an already small breasted woman, Nicci found that after breast feeding two children it was almost impossible to find a bra that fit well, let alone one that was pretty or sexy. In her late 30's Nicci was directed on numerous occasions to the teen bras or told that the ill-fitting bra she'd tried on was as good as it was going to get!

It left her feeling inadequate, self-consciousness and like less of a woman. However, realising she wasn't the only woman having these experiences, and being worried by the increasing rates of breast enhancement surgery and what that was telling women and young girls, she decided to find other options.

Now her personal mission is to help small breasted women feel better about themselves by providing them with beautiful lingerie. Even if you have small breasts it is possible to find bras that make you feel confident, feminine and sexy.

As a qualified bra fitter, Nicci personally selects our range of beautiful small cup bras and lingerie. Providing positive bra shopping experiences is our top priority, whether you visit us in-store or order online.

Having a beautiful bra is only the beginning. To feel comfortable and confident in your underwear, the correct size and style is essential. We provide over the phone fitting advice and encourage you to email us or call if you're unsure about which styles and sizes will be best for you. If you're in Perth, our boutique is open for fittings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Our products are from a range of international and Australian brands that design gorgeous bras for small breasts. Each product in our range is chosen on the basis of its appearance, fit, comfort and quality. Our current range includes bras in the following bra sizes:

  • 6A-C
  • 8AA-D
  • 10AAA-D
  • 12AAA-D
  • 14AAA-D
  • 16AA-B