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Full Cup Bra
Covers the whole breast area, providing good support. These are best suited for full or large breasts. Smaller, particularly shallower, breasts are not often able to fill out the cups.

Half/Demi Cup Bra
Underwired bra that covers only the bottom half of the breast. These bras often have wide set straps and can be well suited for smaller breasts.

Quarter Cup Bra

Underwired Bra that covers approximately the bottom quarter of the breasts. These bras can be great for smaller breasts, particuarly for shallower breasts as they tend to provide both lift and shape.

Balconette/Balcony Bra

Form a fairly straight line across the breasts and have quite wide set straps. They are great for shallow or bottom heavy breasts as they are good for lifting the breast. Due to the wide setting of the straps they may not be suitable for narrow shouldered women.


A strapless Bra style that forms a band around the breats. Those with built in cups can provide good shape for smaller breasted women. They usually have removable straps and silicone lining that stop them from slipping.


A non-wired and non-padded bra, These bras can be very comfortable and are often very attractive but they do not provide as much support or shaping as other styles.

Contour/T-Shirt Bra

Have moulded cups that keep their shae when off the body. They are usually underwired, have a smooth surface and provide good coverage of the nipples.

Push Up Bra

Contains extra paddding to lift the breasts and provide increased cleavage. The padding may be integral to the bra or removable. Bras with removable padding can bee especially useful for women whose breasts are significantly different sizes. Padding may consist of various fabrics, air or liquid/gel pockets.

Soft Cup Bra

Any non-wred bra. There are varying degrees of support, padding and lift in these bras.

Sports Bra

Essential items during any form of exercise, even ofr smaller breasted women. Sports bras minimise damage to the breast tissue by reducing movement. Compression sports bra work by compressing or flattening the breat tissue agains the body to minimise movement. Encapsulating sports bras have distinctive cups which prodive more support to the breasts.