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Size Guide

The best way to determine your bra size is to have a professional fitting. Regular fittings are important because our bodies change so much over time. Our breast size and shape changes constantly during our lives for a variety of reasons - puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal and weight changes. It is a good rule of thumb to be fitted every two years or whenever you gain or lose weight, and during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A good fitting will help you identify the bra styles and the brands that best suit your shape. It will also determine the size you should be wearing in those brands and styles. (Note that your bra size is only a starting point as it may vary between brands and styles.) Nicci's Smalls offers fitting services for women in the Perth metropolitan area. If you don't live in Perth, or don't want a fitting, the following guidelines will help you estimate your size.

Your Bra Measurement

Band Measurement

A huge 80-90% of the support from your bra should come from the band, so it should be firm and not move during the day - if it does, it is too big. Put on your best, least stretched, non padded bra. Pull the band out gently at the back (ask a friend to help if you can't reach). If the band easily pulls out more than about 3cm, the band is too big and you need to go to the next step. Otherwise, stick with your existing band size.

Place a tape measure around your ribcage immediately beneath your breasts. Make sure the tape measure forms a horizontal line around your body (you may need your friend again). Look up the measurement in the table below to find your band size.

Band SizeCentimetresInches

Cup Measurement

Place a tape measure across the fullest part of your breast and around you back. Make sure the tape measure forms a horizontal line around your body (you may need your friend again). The difference between this measurement and your band measurement will give you an indication of your cup size. See the table below.

Difference (cm) Difference (inches)Cup Size
Less than 2.5cmLess than 1"AA
5cm 2"B

Please note that this measurement will only give an indication of your cup size - it is not exact. Cup size is dependant on the shape and position of your breasts and varies between manufacturers. For more information on size and fit, see our Fitting Tips.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like more assistance with sizing. We are also happy to exchange items that do not fit correctly. Please see our Returns Policy for more information.

Band and Cup Size Adjustments

It is important to understand that when you change your band size, you will also need to adjust your cup size. If your band size goes down, your cup size will increase. For example, if you are wearing a 12A but have decided you need to reduce the band to a size 10, you will need to try a 10B. The chart below shows the equivalent sizing as you move up or down band sizes.

Band Size6 8 10 12 14 16
6B 8A 10AA 12AAA
6C 8B 10A 12AA 14AAA
6D 8C 10B 12A 14AA
8D 10C 12B 14A 16AA
12C 14B 16A
14C 16B

Hosiery Sizing

Sizing Chart for:
  • Alani Pantyhose
  • Lili Classic Tights
  • Proxima Patterned Pantyhose
  • Raisa Opaque Pantyhose
  • Sobella Patterened Pantyhose

Sizing Chart for:
  • Greta
  • Justine
  • Marlena
  • Storia





Foot Length (cm)




Leg Length (cm)